Pen and Paper: 5 reasons why writing things down is good for your mental health

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When was the last time you wrote something down on paper? Not just a signature or a form, but actual long sentences?

We live in a digital age where devices like mobile phones and computers have replaced the standard pen and paper. Most of our daily communications are now over email, WhatsApp or social media and even children are finding it difficult to hold a pencil due to increased use of technology.

It’s no argument that writing on devices can be a more convenient option, (especially when mobile phones are often glued to our hands), but writing things has a number of benefits! In this blog we’ll look at how hand writing is a secret superpower, especially when it comes to your mental health.

Reason 1: It helps process our emotions better

Growing up with keyboards at our fingertips has allowed us to write faster than ever before – sometimes without even looking at what our hands are doing. By writing things down by hand, we force our brain to think about what it is we are saying more carefully which helps with how we process our emotions.

By giving our full attention to the pen and paper, we are also limiting the amount of distractions we might encounter like that Facebook or Instagram notification at the top of your phone!

Reason 2: This is a no-judgement zone!

Another great reason to write something down when we’re feeling anxious or depressed is the natural flow we can get into once we put pen to paper. Thoughts can often clog our brain, making them hard to decipher. Whether listed in bullet points, or rambling long sentences, engaging in this flow and writing whatever comes to mind can have extremely therapeutic benefits without any judgement. It can often feel like when we have things written down, a weight has been lifted off our shoulders.

The best part is, once completed, there is the option of removing all trace of negative thoughts by throwing them in the bin! That’s why our notepads are designed this way!

person writing in notebook with be happy mug

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Reason 3: It encourages you to take action

According to a study, 76% of US citizens rely on a to-do list. Writing a list like this not only reduces task anxiety, but also provide a sense of fulfilment and purpose in the day. If you write something on your phone, it is all too easy to divert away from your list and forget all about it.

By writing things down by hand, we are given a constant reminder of what needs to be achieved and therefore motivate ourselves more effectively. Our brains are also wired to celebrate the jobs we tick off, and feel guilt for the ones we didn’t! If you’re looking for a list of your own, check out our Daily Check In notepads!

Reason 4: It teaches you about yourself

You may wish to keep a diary or journal to help keep track of your mental health journey. Over time, you’ll start building a record of your past experiences, thoughts and goals! Re-reading these can help us understand ourselves better, by identifying themes or patterns in our behaviour, as well as changes to our personal values.

They can also provide inspiration for when we are going through challenging times to see how we overcame them before!

Reason 5: It promotes feelings of achievement

It’s no secret that writing things down helps you feel accomplished. Whether it be ticking off the to-do list or writing a gratitude list, writing by hand releases dopamine in the brain, making you happier!

Studies find that writing down what we are thankful for not only helps people sleep better, but it also improves interpersonal relationships and lowers symptoms of depression!

So before you jump to your phone, try to set aside time each day to write something down on paper. It doesn’t need to be War and Peace, but even a few sentences on how your day has been can help you feeling happier for longer!

What do you enjoy writing by hand? Let us know in the comment section below!

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